Mobile Car Body Repairs in Ashford
Repairing Dents, Trim and Upholstery When Selling a Car

If you plan to sell your vehicle soon, you could get a little more from a buyer if you choose Scuffaway Ltd to perform minor car body repairs on it. We’re the friendly local company from Faversham with the philosophy of ‘Repair, Don’t Replace’. Use us for mobile dent repairs and paintwork, or for bumper scuff repairs, knowing that we utilise the latest SMART systems to keep costs down, and to protect the environment around us.

Scuffaway Ltd also undertakes mobile upholstery repairs and vehicle interior repairs. Ashford is one of our key service areas and somewhere we often travel to help sellers out.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

Mobile Dent Repairs

A beaten-up car body with multiple dents will suggest to the buyer that you haven’t taken great care of the vehicle. While this might not be the case, first impressions are often the most lasting. Because we perform car body repairs using the latest SMART technology, you can have minor dents and dings addressed with just a localised system. This makes the job faster to complete and more affordable for the customer.

Book in for mobile dent repairs with us, and we’ll remove any minor dents from your car without having to blend into adjacent panels unless it is unavoidable.

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Incur damage to your bumper, and most bodyshops in the Ashford area will immediately price up for a replacement. We don’t, and the last thing we’d ever want to do is to add more plastic to an ever-growing environmental problem. Scuffaway Ltd uses plastic repair kits and a state-of-the-art paint mixing system from Maxmeyer to perform accurately matched localised repairs.

If a bumper has a textured surface, we can match that too. With mobile car body and bumper repairs from Scuffaway Ltd, the front and rear of your car will draw admiring glances.

Seats, Carpets and Trim

Sometimes, it’s the interior of a car that will prove to be the main selling point. Prospective buyers won’t be too keen to spend good money if the seats, carpets or trim have rips, tears, holes or burns. Mobile upholstery repairs and vehicle interior repairs from Scuffaway Ltd restore the small areas of damage which could influence an interested party into buying.

Using market-leading systems from Trimrite and Fibrerite, we can visit any location in Ashford to perform upholstery repairs and interior repairs to an exceptional standard.

Our SMART repair services also suit end-of-lease vehicles.

For mobile dent, paint and bumper scuff repairs in Ashford, call 07598 715916.