Bumper Scuff Repairs
in Faversham | Covering Ashford, Canterbury and the Whole of Kent

The philosophy of ‘Repair, Don’t Replace’ is one that has made Scuffaway Ltd a trusted choice for bumper scuff repairs. Located in Faversham, we offer mobile services in the surrounding Ashford, Canterbury and Kent areas.

Because of their proximity to the ground and the fact that they are very much out of sight, particularly when reversing, car bumpers often end up scratched, scuffed or cracked. Damage can compromise the appearance of your vehicle and, should you decide to sell it in the future, you might find that the damage affects the resale value. Worse still, any further impact could leave you needing a complete panel replacement.

We advise that you contact us if you want to avoid the cost of a replacement.

With close to 25 years of trade experience, we are skilled in the repair of plastic bumpers and use modern SMART repair techniques, wherever possible, to keep costs down and reduce the potential for harmful VOC emissions impacting the local environment. Traditional bodyshops will usually estimate to replace bumpers as standard. The systems we use help us to perform bumper scuff repairs on a complete local mobile basis.

The Bumper Repair Process

Scuffaway Ltd can repair bumpers irrespective of the level of damage incurred. We use small- to medium-area repair technology to restore plastic, painted and textured bumpers to their original condition at your home, your workplace or any other convenient location in Faversham, Ashford, Canterbury or Kent. In many cases, we won’t need to remove the bumper to perform a repair.

What we provide is a permanent fix to a localised area or, if the damage is adjacent to another panel, we might also perform a localised blend. Scuffaway Ltd uses plastic repair kits to reinforce the strength of damaged bumpers, and the Maxmeyer Aquamax waterborne basecoat system to guarantee an accurate match.

With minor bumper scuff repairs, we may even be able to cut and polish the paintwork without refinishing it at all. With textured bumpers, we use specialist coatings to match the original finish.

bumper scuffs

The Benefits of Bumper Scuff Repairs

scuffed bumpers

There are numerous benefits to using a SMART repair service.

  • Our costs come in much lower than those charged by a bodyshop because we can usually contain the repair to a small area and do whatever we can to avoid replacing it completely

  • These low costs also mean you can pay for the repair out of your own pocket instead of claiming on your insurance policy, so your insurance premiums won’t increase

  • Turnaround times tend to be much faster when you use Scuffaway Ltd for bumper scuff repairs but with no compromise whatsoever in the final finish

  • You never need to travel to the bodyshop because our mobile workshop comes to you!

Wherever in Kent that you happen to be, be it in our own area of Faversham, in Ashford or Canterbury, or in any of the many surrounding areas, we’ll be there to provide you with a reliable mobile service. Scuffaway Ltd is a friendly, personable and family-run business that always puts your needs first.

For bumper scuff repairs in Ashford, Canterbury and all locations near Faversham, call 07598 715916.