Mobile Dent Repairs
in Ashford, Canterbury and all Locations in the Faversham Area

Finding a dent on a panel of your car doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take it to a bodyshop. The cost of bodyshop repairs tends to be higher than those of a mobile technician because the repair systems used are different. A land-based workshop will use a bigger repair area that requires the paint to be faded into adjacent panels to guarantee accurate colour matching or, in some cases, it will replace the panel instead.

Scuffaway Ltd performs mobile dent repairs in Faversham, the surrounding Ashford and Canterbury areas, and across all parts of Kent. Our core business value of “Repair, Don’t Replace” is your guarantee of a more affordable localised repair where our technicians use a range of different SMART repair techniques. We deal with dents and scratches daily and even perform vehicle interior repairs.

This means that we are also adept in the use of paint cutting and machine polishing techniques. These help us to achieve the perfect finish. If you have been in a minor collision, had your car damaged in a supermarket car park or have been a victim of malicious vandalism, we’ll be able to help you.

With fewer overheads than a land-based bodyshop, and with the ability to perform mobile dent repairs at your home or place of work, Scuffaway Ltd delivers a convenient brand of service that leaves your vehicle in perfect pre-accident condition.

You can see examples of our previous work on this website.

Dent Repairs

There are multiple ways for motorists in Faversham, Ashford, Canterbury and Kent to have dents repaired.

Wherever possible, we will always aim to keep the repair to a local area. This means we won’t have to blend into adjacent panels, which keeps repair costs and times to a minimum.

These systems are especially suitable for lease return damage.

Scratch Repairs

Superficial scratches caused by your keys or, as we often find, by wayward supermarket trollies, do not need to be refinished in full in most cases. If it is possible, we will attempt to remove smaller scratches which haven’t penetrated through to the colour or primer using fine-grade wet-or-dry papers. We then apply a cutting compound and bring the panel back to a gloss finish with a machine polisher.

If a scratch goes through to the colour or primer, our team can usually keep refinishing localised to a single panel.

mobile dent repairs
mobile before and after

Some mobile dent repairs require us to use a combination of different techniques together. The result is always a panel left in showroom condition which we guarantee for 12 months. We also offer manufacturer warranties on all materials used. Scuffaway Ltd can even perform vehicle interior repairs if you have accidentally damaged seats, carpets, trim or headrests.

All these services, and more, can be provided in Faversham, Ashford, Canterbury and all surrounding parts of Kent.

For mobile dent repairs in Ashford, Canterbury and all locations near Faversham, call 07598 715916.