Vehicle Interior Repairs in Ashford, Canterbury
and all Locations in the Faversham Area

With certified Trimrite and Fibrerite technician status, there is only one name to trust for vehicle interior repairs. The friendly, personable team at Scuffaway Ltd works out of Faversham and covers all surrounding parts of Kent, including the nearby Ashford and Canterbury areas. Whereas upholstery refers more to seats and cushioning, your interior covers other items like the dashboard, door trims and headrests.

We can, of course, perform mobile upholstery repairs too. Our services also extend to bumper scuff repairs, dent repairs and all car body repairs.

The most common causes of damage to your vehicle interior are wear to the leather or plastic surfaces, scuffs on wooden trim and cigarette burns on fabrics. All can have a detrimental effect on interior cosmetics and resale values.

The advanced technology behind the Trimrite and Fibrerite systems used by Scuffaway Ltd guarantees vehicle interior repairs of a high standard with the promise of accurate matching every time.

Certified Trimrite and Fibrerite Technicians

The Trimrite system is an advanced repair kit that contains the products needed to provide you with a lasting repair for plastic, vinyl and leather interior trim. It has innovative colour matching capabilities through 12 waterborne paints, and these help us to keep trim colours consistent after performing the repair. We are proud certified Trimrite technicians.

The Fibrerite system is similarly comprehensive and contains everything required to repair fabric and velour. Again, we have certified technician status with Fibrerite and use the system to provide a permanent and near-invisible repair.

Scuffaway Ltd performs vehicle interior repairs in Faversham, Ashford, Canterbury and Kent on a mobile basis, either at your home, your workplace or any other convenient location.

For vehicle owners, we can repair the following:

  • Car and Van Interiors

  • Motorcycle Trim

  • Plastic Interior Trim

  • Vinyl Interior Trim

  • Leather Interior Trim

  • Wooden Interior Trim

  • All Fabric Surfaces

  • Interior Roofing

  • Seats and Headrests

  • Parcel Shelves

  • Car Boot Interiors

  • Car and Van Dashboards

Our philosophy of ‘Repair, Don’t Replace’ is one that not only helps to keep costs low, but it also has a positive long-term impact on the environment. Scuffaway Ltd is a conscientious service provider that takes environmental care seriously.

For bumper scuff repairs on components with textured plastic trim, we can still achieve a perfect matching finish.

Interior Repairs for Motorhomes, Caravans and More

Our objective is to provide every customer with the closest thing as possible to an invisible repair that is both strong and permanent. While our focus is understandably on vehicle interior repairs, it doesn’t mean that Scuffaway Ltd is restricted to work on cars and vans. Wherever there is trim, we can step in to perform an affordable repair to plastic, vinyl, leather or fabric that matches the original finish.

Use us for:

  • Motorhome Interior Repairs

  • Caravan Interior Repairs

  • Horsebox and Saddle Repairs

  • Show Carriage Repairs

  • Motorbike Leather Repairs

  • Sofa and Furniture Repairs

  • Designer Handbag Repairs

  • Yacht and Aviation Repairs

Rips, tears or burns, Scuffaway Ltd extends beyond the world of vehicle interior repairs easily and will rectify damage to any surface using the Trimrite and Fibrerite systems. Call to arrange an initial estimate with us, or to make a booking.

We welcome enquiries from customers in Faversham, Ashford and Canterbury, and from all locations across the county of Kent.

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